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Crisis Prevention

​Managing our mental health has become an important issue and we can provide assistance no matter how big or small the problem.  We take crisis situations seriously and have extensive experience assisting individuals in various types of situations.  CAS promotes a judgement free safe option for our community. 


Unfortunately, emergencies can strike anyplace, at any time, and could have devastating, long-lasting effects to you and your loved ones. Our motto is "Safe for now." Once in a safe place our goal is to establish trust through personal relationships that empowerment to achieve the best outcome following a crisis situation through:

  1. Mitigation

  2. Preparedness

  3. Response

  4. Recovery

Whether you are a referral, walk-in, or call-in, we are here to support you and provide assistance through counseling and resources.


Side by side, we will navigate this together and establish a plan of action: ​​

We will get through this together. 

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