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At Community Action Services our mission is to develop immediate creative solutions to some of our communities most difficult problems.  Through outreach, collaboration, and community involvement, we believe change can happen.  All members of a community are equally valuable and deserve to be apart of a community where they feel included and respected.  All it takes is YOU and a team like ours to lead the way!

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This is where it all starts.  CAS believes direct communication through community outreach is integral in the success of any program.  Decisions should not be made for a population within the community.  Instead, they should be a part of the decision making process.  Community outreach forms a clear line of communication for realistic effective solutions to be made and fully supported.

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Together we can!  Our community is supported by many organizations that provide a wide variety of resources and services.  CAS coordinates with organizations throughout the state in order to provide the community and it's leadership a complete solution that meets all barriers.



There are many ways to get involved in your community.  We are all responsible for the development and growth of our community as a collective.  Attend your local city and/or county council meetings, follow cause groups on social media or volunteer at your local church, school or non profit of your choice.  If change is needed take action or let us now how we can help.  Taking action is what we do best!

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